FIFA match agent Ebi Egbe says Nigeria lost to South Africa in their 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Uyo on Saturday because of the bad playing pitch.

Egbe owns Monimichelle, a stadium construction firm, believes that the Nigeria Professional Football league (NPFL) players would have played better against South Africa because they are used to playing on such pitches unlike the foreign-based players.

He said, “I saw the problem the Eagles faced in Uyo coming. The interviews I granted the media before the game can attest to that.

“The way the players express themselves in Europe is not the same way they would when they come home because of the undulated pitches we have here in Nigeria.

“The Uyo stadium pitch may be the best in the country today, but it is not anywhere near the zero undulated pitches our players are used to in Europe. We can clearly see that the players found it difficult to adjust after one or two days of training on the undulated pitch, for us, to get the best out of our players, we must invest in good pitches.”


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