Suleja Potters FC thumped ISS FC of Niger State 7-1 in the second round of games of the Nigeria Nationwide League One Division Three competition at the Lafia centre on Tuesday.

The side were absolutely dominant in the Niger state derby so much it left their opponents playing second fiddle through the course of the game. The win has also taken them to the summit of Group B.

In group A, Alpha FC of Abuja also walloped Paiko FC of Abuja 4-1 in the second round of games in the group.

Earlier on Monday, FC Dugabe beat ISS FC 2-0 in another Niger state derby while in group B, Konshisha defeated Paiko FC 4-1 and Alpha FC of Abuja suffered a narrow 1-2 loss at the hands of Maitumbi FC of Niger.

Results from other centres

Oshogbo Centre (Matchday 2)

  • Musti FC  2-0 Agbana FC
  • Junosa FC  0-0 Mosimi FC

Kano Centre (Matchday 1)

  • Jega United 0-0 Galadima FC
  • Rising Stars  1-2 Ambassadors FC

Gombe Centre (Matchday 1)

  • JNR Giodano FC 0-0 Compol FC
  • Dorayi FC 2-1 Ganduje FC
  • Compol FC 2-0 Bhuzu FC

Benin Centre (Matchday 1)

  • Young Shall Grow FC 4-3 Altar Knight FC
  • Fehinty FC 3-2 Alpha FC
  • Big Stars FC 0-3 B. Angels FC

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