Sammy Ameobi has said he Cardiff City fans have not seen the best of him while on loan from Newcastle United, as his best is yet to come.


“I’m really enjoying it,” said the 23-year-old. “We’ve had a great start to the season and we’ve got a very good team too.

“It’s a really great city to live in, while it’s also good to see the national team doing so well. You can feel the buzz as you walk around the city, as it’s obviously a big thing here, so it’s nice to embrace it.

“But the Cardiff fans have not seen the best of me because I am only coming off bench. I wanted to come and excite fans. I am a very direct player. I can feel the buzz when I am playing. It’s pressure but I am really confident.”

“Everyone is really together and pushing in the same direction here at Cardiff too. There’s no-one thinking ‘it’s all about me’ – everything is done for the benefit of the team. It’s a good spirit to have and hopefully we can take it forward into the next spell of games.

“I’ve had to bide my time as I was a few weeks behind the others fitness-wise when I arrived. Obviously the guys are doing so well at the moment, but I’m glad I’m getting to play my part in it as well.”

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