The unveiling of Daniel Amokachi as head coach, Ike Shorunmu as assistant/goalkeeper trainer and John Obuh as technical adviser at FC Ifeanyi Ubah

According to reports making the rounds on local media, Coach of FC Ifeanyi Ubah Daniel Amokachi and the goalkeeper trainer Ike Shorunmu have both left the club after defying orders by the club owner, Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah after the 1-0 loss to Sharks FC in Port Harcourt on Sunday.

It was reported by The Sun that Dr. Ubah ordered the coaches and players of the team to make their way to Nnewi on the night (Sunday) of the game as opposed to Monday but players and the coaches would not comply citing that it was dangerous to make the travel back to Anambra on the night from Port Harcourt.

“We were told that the owner sent a message that everybody should enter the bus and return that night, including the management and coaches,” one of the players told

“We the players said we are not going, same for the coaches and the management because we were to leave Monday morning.

“We are not slaves for God’s sake and we have families for God’s sake. We just wandered around the hotel because we couldn’t stay in the hotel room again unless we will pay for today (Monday). This is absurd and ridiculous.”

There later came news that the supporters of the club who opted to make the journey on Sunday night following the orders of the club owner, unlike the players and coaches, got robbed on the road:

“We just don’t understand what this means, it is football, we can’t win all the time. Thank God we didn’t embark on the journey Sunday night, who knows what the story would have been now because our supporters told us that the robbers who attacked them while they were returning asked after the players.”

It was later learnt that Amokachi and Shorunmu decided to leave the club after their arrival to Nnewi.

“Coaches Amokachi and Shorunmu have left the team,” said one source.

“We knew it will happen the moment we got to Nnewi because they were not happy about what happened in Port Harcourt.

“They both picked their belongings the moment we arrived Nnewi and moved to Owerri..”

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